Elizabethton – State Representative Candidate Jerome Cochran (R-Elizabethton) announced today that he will oppose all legislation aimed at restricting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms and pointed to his past endorsements from the National Rife Association as evidence of his commitment to the issue.

Cochran also spoke out against Democratic Speaker of the House Jimmy Naifeh’s efforts to disallow any pro-gun bills to reach the House floor for a vote and reaffirmed his vow to never vote for Naifeh to lead the House of Representatives as his opponent – Kent Williams – has done.

“The events that transpired in Nashville this week involving Speaker Naifeh’s opposition to the rights of gun owners are disheartening to say the least,” said Cochran. “Jimmy Naifeh doesn’t care about the gun owners of Tennessee and that is exactly why Carter County must elect a Republican who will stand up for our right to keep and bear arms by voting for a Republican to lead the House of Representatives.”

“I dare say that these important bills to protect our gun owners would have certainly made it to the House floor for a fair up or down vote had state Representatives elected a Republican Speaker of the House who respects the Second Amendment. I have repeatedly been endorsed by the NRA for my staunch support of the Second Amendment and will continue fighting for our right to keep and bear arms if I’m sent back to Nashville.”

“Recent events at some of our country’s educational institutions have demonstrated the need to stand up for the Second Amendment right of teachers and other faculty and staff members of these institutions. I also see no reason to take away this fundamental right from someone just because they visit a restaurant or a state park. Citizens have a constitutional right to defend themselves and their families under all of these circumstances and I want to go to Nashville and make sure Tennesseans can do just that.”