To you Republicans who decided to “reach across the aisle” and vote for Jimmy Naifeh for House Speaker – thanks a lot.

In an unusual move yesterday, House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh visited several subcommittee hearings to cast influential votes on four bills. While this move is allowed, it is a rare action, and I am curious why Naifeh chose these particular bills to kill.

The first bill Naifeh voted against was one that would have allowed faculty and staff (with concealed carry permits) in public schools to carry handguns. Although I’m sure this bill would have been controversial, it would have been nice for it to make it’s way out of subcommittee.

The second bill was one that would have allowed those with permits to carry handguns in state parks. Well, considering how rarely you need a gun when camping or hiking, I guess this bill was just silly (note my sarcasm). I’m sure I could kill a bear with my bare hands, or face a psycho killer ravaging my tent in the middle of the night with my Swiss Army knife. Thanks, Speaker Naifeh, for keeping those silly legislators from wasting time on such a useless bill! (continued sarcasm)

Bill number three that was killed by Naifeh would have allowed those voluntarily committed to mental institutions to obtain handguns. Again, possibly controversial, but it would have been nice for there to have been widespread discussion on the issue.

Finally, Naifeh killed a bill that would have allowed diners in restaurants to carry their firearm to dinner (or breakfast or lunch), so long as they have a concealed carry permit (you know, that little card that supposedly allows you to carry a firearm in this state?). Gee, I’d hate to think I might go crazy while having dinner with my family and shoot the cook over a bad steak. It’s a good thing Naifeh made sure I’m not allowed to carry my gun into such a volatile situation! (if you’re not reading my sarcasm yet, it’s time to find a new blog).

Addison Pate, the spokesman for the House Democrats, stated that “good legislation passes, bad legislation fails, regardless of the partisan side that the sponsor may be on.”

Really? That’s strange. I thought politicians went to Nashville with agendas. Little did I know that they have “good legislation radar” and only vote for the “good stuff,” rather than that which boosts their agenda. Silly me!