Last night I went to a debate at ETSU and, somehow, despite my four years attending school there, I honestly had no idea that it was a felony – a felony – to carry a gun on campus.

Despite the fact that I am a 27-year-old, married, mother of almost two, licensed gun-owner, I am, for whatever reason, supposed to leave my gun at home when visiting a college campus, which is inhabited by other adults. Right.

What I found so utterly absurd was the sign on the door as we entered Ball Hall. It read something like, “It is a FELONY to carry a firearm on school property, punishable by blah, blah, blah. Having a concealed carry permit does not exempt you from this law.”

I’m assuming that the logic behind this ridiculous sign is to stop psycho-killers as they enter the building, planning to shoot up a classroom. I can see it now: Mr. Psycho Killer with his 4 guns and ammo vest begins to enter a particular building at ETSU and sees said sign. He then thinks, “Well crap. Here I am, all ready to go kill a bunch of innocent college students, and come to find out it’s illegal – a FELONY! – for me to even have these darn guns on campus. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to go to a gun show, biker meeting, or some other place where they actually allow guns to satisfy my thirst for blood. I sure am glad they posted that sign before I made such a terrible mistake!”

Seriously, what is the logic behind such an absurd law? Is someone afraid I’ll drop my gun on a school campus and some five-year-old is going to find it and accidentally shoot his classmates? Worried that my firearm my randomly go off in my purse? Terrified that I might lose my head over a idiot professor and haul off and shoot him? Come on!

We have several guns in our house, as well as a toddler. Considering the fact that I am not an idiot, it is completely safe to have both guns and children in the same place. My gun stays hidden in a closed room – not locked, mind you, because I don’t want to spend time unlocking my gun while someone is breaking into my house. I don’t make it a habit to leave my gun laying on the coffee table where my one-year-old can chew on it, nor would I be so careless on school property. Firearms do not randomly go off and, as a stable individual, I don’t make it a habit of shooting others because they make me angry. Were I not a stable individual, I would most likely ignore anti-gun laws anyway.

What I wonder is how many college kids would still be alive if they had been allowed to carry their legal, licensed guns to class. How many kids at Virginia Tech? How many at NIU? What about the college girls that have been savagely raped and murdered recently? Would they still be alive if they had been allowed to carry a firearm as they walk from class after dark?

Who actually believes that passing laws forbidding folks from carrying guns into a certain place actually saves lives? Who really thinks that a sign on a door reporting the fact that it is a felony to possess a gun is really going to stop a blood-thirsty killer from doing what he set out to do?

You know what will save my life in the event of an attack on me or my family? The guns that my husband and I carry with us daily. We will not be victims – no matter what a sign on a door says.