I had no idea what sort of hornets nest I was stirring up on Tuesday when I posted Jerome Cochran’s candidacy announcement. Apparently, anytime I want my site visits to go through the roof, all I have to do is mention Jerome Cochran or Matthew Hill. What I don’t know is why.

What is it about these two that seem to get people’s panties in a wad? Is it because they’re Christians? Because they’re not a part of the “good ol’ boy” political establishment that’s been prevalent in this area for so long? I just don’t get it!

I know Jerome and Matthew personally, and while – as I’ve mentioned before – we don’t agree on every issue, and I’ll be more than happy to call them out when we disagree, I’m proud to have them representing our area in Nashville (hopefully Jerome will be back there soon!). They’ve never embarrassed us, never been too busy to chat with me, and have always done exactly what they believe to be the right thing – regardless of political expediency.

So, now is your chance to fill me in on why these guys get people so upset. No profanity, please, and try to be at least a little bit civil – but let me know what it is that I’m apparently missing.