(Elizabethton, TN) March 10, 2008 – Elizabethton Attorney Jerome Cochran formally announced today that he will run in the Republican Primary for Carter County State Representative. Cochran cited his opposition to tax hikes, the need for fiscal responsibility in Nashville, and his staunch pro-life and pro-gun stances as his primary motivations for seeking the seat. Cochran also stated that he has never and will never support any Democrat to lead the House of Representatives.

“This election, Carter County Republicans will have a clear choice between a conservative Republican with a proven record of supporting lower taxes, responsible state spending, and defending the rights of the unborn or our current State Representative’s record of supporting higher taxes, more government spending, and selling out Republican values for his own personal benefit,” Cochran said.

“Kent Williams not only supported a pro-abortion, pro-income tax Democrat from West Tennessee for Speaker, he also voted for the third-largest tax increase in state history despite having a record budget surplus. I can only imagine how large a tax increase he would support during a tight budget year.”

“During my time in the legislature, I sponsored and passed legislation that strengthened our DUI laws and expanded the rights of gun owners. I also brought our fair share of state dollars back to Carter County without raising taxes.

“Kent Williams made many promises to Carter County and kept very few. Progress on road projects has stopped, he’s passed no legislation, and he abandoned Republicans on his first and most important vote when he backed Liberal West Tennessee Democrat Jimmy Nafieh for Speaker. We do not need a Representative who talks like a Republican in Carter County and votes like a Democrat in Nashville. I have never voted for a Democrat to lead the House of Representatives and will continue that trend if elected to serve.”

“This election is about the future of Carter County. Do we want to continue with the good ole’ boy politics of the past where we abandon our principles for political favors? I don’t. If we are to bring more jobs and economic growth to Carter County, we must reject Kent Williams and his higher taxes, which slow down our economy and kill our jobs.”

“I want to be our State Representative and go to Nashville to improve the lives of Carter County citizens and work to improve the county for our children. I look forward to the upcoming campaign and debating Mr. Williams on whose ideas and values will bring better prosperity to our county because I believe Carter County voters will agree that conservative principles are what our county needs from our government.”

About Jerome Cochran
Jerome Cochran is married to Sandy, a registered nurse; together they have four children, Elizabeth, Jeremy, Jackson, and Emma Claire. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and Regent University School of Law. He is a member of Boone Trail Baptist Church.