• Hillary Clinton, much to everyone’s surprise, won the Texas and Ohio primaries yesterday. There was a time when I would have said, “Bring it on, girl!,” knowing that the Republicans would rally around Satan himself to keep Hillary out of the White House, but I didn’t expect that the Republicans would actually nominate Satan. Sure, I suppose something could happen between now and the convention, but McCain officially has the delegates he needs to get the nomination. Hillary vs. Satan just doesn’t have the ring to it one might think.
  • Huckabee had said that he would stay in the race until someone had the 1,191 delegates needed to earn the nomination, so when McCain hit that number last night, Huckabee dropped out. I’m glad he stuck it out at least this long.
  • Finally, I would have referred to myself as a “news junkie” just a few short weeks ago. I have discovered, however, that either I am becoming more sensitive to the idiocy of television news, or things have gotten significantly worse in the last little while. I literally used to have CNN on nearly all day. I, although I am loathe to admit it, would watch the Today Show early, then flip the TV over to CNN for the rest of the day. The Today Show now only offers – literally – 60 seconds of actual news an hour, and spends the rest of the 4 hour show talking about working mothers, fashion, health, and various and sundry other useless drivel. This morning I couldn’t take another second of Ann Curry’s editorial comments, and flipped the TV over to CNN, only to discover nothing but the “Barack and Hillary Show – With A Special Guest Appearance from John McCain!” James and I have taken to watching “Dora the Explorer” in the morning. At least we’ll learn something useful from Dora – we’re all going to need to know Spanish sometime in the near future.