I’ve decided to forgo American politics and begin my bid to become the Queen of England.

I never realized how much being Queen would be my absolute dream job. Not only would I get to spend time with some of the most important leaders in the world, discussing politics and foreign policy, but I’d get to wear a crown! Now when in the United States do you get to be smart and dripping with diamonds?

Politically powerful women in the United States end up ball-busters (if you’ll pardon the term) like Hillary Clinton. In the UK, however, the Queen is the ultimate of brains and beauty. It just doesn’t get any better.

Too bad I don’t have an ounce of Royal blood. Any ideas how I can become politically relevant and get to wear a crown?

On a more serious note, is anyone still paying attention to the US Presidential election? I’ve become so utterly discouraged that I actually change the channel when someone starts discussing the election, and I merely scan the headlines online to make sure no one died or dropped out. I’ve been disappointed thus far. I think the question is, are we going to move slightly to the left through this election, or a bit more drastically to the left? I can guarantee that we won’t see a smaller government no matter who’s elected.

Additionally, the stock market continues to tank despite the Economic Stimulus Package. Any input on what that means? Let me start:

It means that the economic stimulus package was actually an election year bribe, not a plan to actually stimulate the economy. I appreciate the $1500 check that I’ll be getting here in a couple of months, but you have my word that I’ll be voting for new blood in Washington – not those who “sent” me the check. It was a nice effort, though, don’t you think?

Here’s a thought! Maybe I could become the Queen of the United States! I would do a much better job of running the country than any of the presidents we’ve had for the last 20 years, or, I’m certain, whichever one you people elect this time around (I say “you people” because I’m sure I will not be voting for whoever is actually elected). Somebody send me a crown and the country’s highest security clearance and I’ll have this mess straightened out in no time!