I had the distinct, ahem, pleasure of reading the blog of an acquaintance of mine this morning. This gal and I were in the same sorority in college, although I a couple of years before her, and I had run across her blog some time back. I remember reading a bit of it, and being rather appalled by the standard, university liberal crap. For some reason I ended up reading a few entries this morning, and my head nearly exploded.

A liberal, for sure, this gal’s posts tend toward the run-of-the-mill lefty arguments that we’ve heard a million times before. I was struck, however, with several ironies.

First, one post dealt with how upset she was over girls wearing too much perfume on campus. What I gathered from this post and others is that it’s ok for young, silly sorority girls to be told that they are idiots for wearing too much perfume, but God forbid that Christians tell anyone that it’s a sin to be a homosexual. We can clearly base our morality on some arbitrary, hippy-dippy belief system, but base it on the Bible and you’re some kind of jerk. What if those sorority girls love their perfume? Who am I to tell them they can’t carry on a long-lasting relationship with their bottle of Clinique Happy?

There were also several comments from said blogger about the evils of corporate America, CEOs making “too much” money, and how terribly unfair it is that not everyone in America can afford health care.

Let’s start with corporate America. The recipient of most corporate hate in America is Walmart, what with their talking Elmo dolls and scores of Doritos. The interesting thing about a place like Walmart is that not only can I buy several talking Elmos (which I may or may not need), I can also get a bottle of antibiotics for $4. My guess is that there are millions of Africans who would be quite happy to take the overabundance of Elmo dolls if they also get the affordable antibiotics.

Then those nasty CEOs who make millions of dollars a year! How dare they! How terribly unfair that they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their education, gave up time with their families, and sacrificed their health in order to get to the top and now they make a lot of money! Well, clearly they should give it all up and raise the wages of those who only stay at the office from 9am-5pm, don’t have the same amount and/or quality of education…how silly that people actually earn what they’re worth.

Then there’s the health care issue. I will admit, for sure, that the American health care system has its flaws, but we, comparatively, have the best health care in the world. Health care, much like poverty, is misrepresented by those who would have us under some socialist universal health care system. We keep changing the parameters – redefining “uninsured” and “poverty.” The vast majority of people can go to the doctor, even if it’s the health department. Most people can go to the local Walmart (God forbid!) and get some Theraflu or Tylenol. When it comes to poverty, we have the fattest poor people in the world! So, apparently, being poor and uninsured means you can only afford Walmart medicine and Cheetos. Not the best, mind you, but a heck of a lot better than what the vast majority of the world’s population can afford.

I’ve been uninsured, and on the government’s health care rolls (oh, blessed TennCare). I’ll tell you, I plan to make for darn sure, come hell or high water, that I never end up in either predicament ever again. Fighting for care through a government health insurance plan was worse than just trying to pay for it myself. And you want me to get stuck with Federal health care? No flippin’ thank you!

I’m a complainer, too – anyone who reads this blog knows that the vast majority of my posts involve whining about some political injustice – but the fact is, that we live in the greatest, most prosperous nation in the world. Fussing about Walmart, redefining “poverty,” and talking about how great Paris is isn’t going to convince me that we need the government to have more control over our lives. You know what collectivism gets you? Russia. And the last time I checked, there aren’t many people spending days in row boats trying get their feet on Russian soil.

Finally, there were several comments about gay marriage and the mean old Christians who are just being “intolerant.” Nowhere in the bible is there instruction to tolerate sin. Shall I overlook the brutal rape of a child in the name of “tolerance?” Of course not. And the notion that “Christians get divorced, so who are they to say that gays shouldn’t get married?” is absurd. That’s like saying that Christians sometimes lie so they have no right to tell someone not to steal. Hogwash.

When Tennesseans overwhelmingly voted against allowing gay marriage in our state, the blogger in question was furious that we would do such a thing. I guess we only like democracy when it goes our way, huh?