I typically don’t comment on Hollywood blather, but I find it relevant that last night’s Oscars was the lowest rated ever.

Everyone wants to offer up some reason why Americans decided to do something other than watch the Oscars. Some say it’s because, without new episodes to air, ABC didn’t have ample opportunity to advertise (as if every boob on TV hasn’t been talking about the Oscars for the last month). Others say it’s because the nominees for best picture didn’t have widespread appeal.

Why do I think people didn’t watch the Oscars? Because we don’t care.

I tuned in for a bit, I’ll admit it. I turned to ABC because I was hoping to catch “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” and ended up watching an hour or so of the Oscars instead. It was actually pretty good. I was entertained, if not impressed with the winners.

I was, however, faced with how terrible the movies were. The only movie that won an award that I even care to see was “The Bourne Ultimatum.” I wouldn’t mind seeing Juno, but I didn’t catch a win for that one. Hollywood is so out of touch with what we want to watch, why would I care who they give their awards to?

Take “The Golden Compass,” for example. I saw, just in my hour watching the Oscars, that it was up for several awards. “Compass” is an adaptation of an atheist, blatantly anti-Christian book that was marketed in its film version – interestingly – as an answer to “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” Why in the name of all things sacred would I want to see such a film win an award?

“There Will Be Blood” and “No Country For Old Men” were the two big nominees of the night, and I had heard of neither movie until folks started talking about the Oscars. Neither film looked like something a married mommy from the South would care anything about seeing.

My husband’s a bit of a movie buff (claims he missed his calling and should have been a film director…), so I’ve learned an appreciation for movies. What I’ve not learned is how to appreciate films that so utterly disrespect my way of life. I am hard-pressed to find a movie that doesn’t make a mockery of my world view. And there are a lot more people out there like me than Hollywood would care to believe.

The fact that the Oscars were so pathetically viewed last night just reiterates the fact that Hollywood is utterly out of touch with reality. Plus, when people are worried about how they’re going to pay their heating bills, doesn’t it seem a bit silly to watch a bunch of overpaid, overdressed celebutantes strut down a red carpet?