I’m not one that believes that all athletes are dumb, but people like Charles Barkley make it really hard for me to hang on to that position. Thankfully, I can look to my brother-in-law as someone who is athletic and still has a brain. I’m afraid the rest of the population may be faced with the need to believe that jocks really are unimaginably stupid.

Charles Barkley, while on Wolf Blitzer’s, “The Situation Room” called conservatives “fake Christians” because they “judge people.” He accuses Christians of being hypocritical because the Bible says not to judge.

Ahh, the Bible. The most misquoted, misused book on the planet.

Just so we have things straight:

Barkley thinks that Christians are bad because they “judge” those who think it’s acceptable to kill babies. Barkley judges Christians, calls them “fake,” and says they make him “sick to his stomach,” but that’s ok. Who’s the hypocrite?

Bless his dumb, little heart. It actually makes me a little sad that someone like Barkley is able to get press coverage and the opportunity to run for governor of a state simply because he was a decent basketball player. Any “normal” guy who made such inane comments would be laughed off the local news, but Barkley gets a prime spot on CNN.