I think that everyone who’s involved in politics goes through an irritated/apathetic phase every so often. You know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, that it hits me every few months or so. I get irritated with the state of affairs, then become a bit apathetic, only to come back around with fresh hope that someone, somewhere will actually change our country for the better (and I’m not talking about Obama’s kind of change…)

I wrote not so long ago about how I begin every election season bright-eyed and dreamy, just knowing that this is the year the American people will wake up and actually elect someone different. As the season drags on, however, I become increasingly convinced that most people are insane (insanity being defined as doing the same thing while expecting a different result.)

Take the current presidential election, for example. People are crying out for change, all the while ignoring the candidates that would actually change Washington. The three “front-runners” are all Senators, who have been in Washington a combined total of nearly 50 years. Hillary Clinton is a part of a twenty-year, two family dynasty in the White House. These boobs are going to change Washington? What have they been doing for the last 25 years?

Then there’s the fact that, especially on the Republican side, it seems, my enemy becomes my friend if he has an “R” after his name and is currently the front-runner.

Those who cursed McCain as Satan himself are now jumping on board because they know he’s going to be the nominee. They say it’s in the name of unifying the party, but I think we all know that a bunch of power hungry politicians want nothing more than to be buddies with whoever they think the next president is going to be. Cabinet position, anyone?

It’s all so dirty and discouraging. What used to be an honorable profession, the likes of which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson  were proud to call themselves, has now become a shady, ugly thing to be: a politician. You can’t trust them. Yet Americans send the dirtiest of the dirty off to Washington every couple of years thinking that things are going to change for the better (again – insanity). And it frustrates me.

So, as I scanned the headlines today, I ho-hummed through the political stories thinking, “it’s all the same, isn’t it?” Nothing really made me angry enough to furiously take it out on my keyboard…until I began thinking about how a gal like me, so full of hope, ends up so downtrodden thanks to our illustrious representatives and the idiots who elect them. Thanks a lot, folks.

As always, I’m sure I’ll be back up on my political high-horse soon enough, but for now, I’m going to play some MahJong.