One word: WooHoo!!!!

I have a couple of favorite wineries, neither of which are in Tennessee, and I typically have to simply stock up when we visit. I’ve asked my state representative, Matthew Hill, why I have been thus far unable to purchase wine from my favorite places over the internet. His response was that wine wholesalers have opposed bills in the past that would have opened up mail order wine sales.

That could all change soon.

A bill currently in committee in the state General Assembly would open up internet and mail order wine sales to and from Tennessee. As it stands now, Tennesseans cannot purchase wine through the mail or over the internet, and wineries located in Tennessee may not sell wine out-of-state through the mail or over the internet.

Despite opposition from wine and liquor wholesalers and retailers, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. David Shepherd, believes that thanks to support from wine consumers and Tennessee wineries, not to mention the added revenue that such a measure would bring into the state, this bill actually has a shot. It has failed three times in the past.

Added revenue thanks to the measure would be as much as $10 million per year for the state and $2 million for local governments.

It’s not often that I support legislation sponsored by a Democrat (because it’s usually crap), but kudos to Rep. Shepherd for a bill that is beneficial to both consumers and government.