The entire article is worth reading, but the last several paragraphs of “McCain’s Prescription for Fighting the War against ‘Islamic Extremism’ is a recipe for Defeat, Not Victory” by Joseph BH McMillan, is deserving of a gold star:

McCain can’t seem to comprehend that retreating when a battle has no real tactical worth is not defeat, it can be and usually is, avoiding defeat.

And when McCain is prepared to sacrifice our own innocent men, women and children for fear of breaching some naïve Convention designed by a bunch of arm-chair warriors, then he is simply not fit to baby-sit my children, never mind lead the free world.

Flying combat missions in Vietnam, being awarded a medal per hour, and spilling the beans to a Cuban journalist, are not qualifications for the presidency. I know many war heroes who put McCain to shame, and, I would say, are shamed by McCain.

Yet, the most tragic thing about McCain is that he has stuck to his ridiculous convictions even while his own son was (and perhaps still is) serving in Iraq. And although I have no doubt that McCain’s son will serve with the dedication and honor that all Marines serve their country, that is simply not enough for me to entrust the pompous little man with the future of mankind.

Getting bogged-down in the “trenches” of Iraq and Afghanistan is a recipe for disaster, not victory. And although being a “maverick” may be an endearing quality when it does not matter, in the case of war it is nothing less than catastrophic. Because McCain will carry on regardless of the mess he makes, and irrespective of the counsel he receives – because he genuinely appears to believe that he can never be wrong.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.