It’s been a year and a half since I’ve had a laptop. My old laptop died the summer of 2006, and I’ve been too cheap to buy a new one. So, I’ve been blogging from the basement on a huge, custom-built desktop. Since I have a one-year-old, blogging is limited to when he’s sleeping. He’s sleeping less now, so my computer time has become increasingly limited, hence my fewer-than-daily postings.

I cracked. I couldn’t take my limited computer time anymore! A couple of weeks ago the hubby came home from work and I said, “Do it. Order me a laptop.” So he did.

It arrived today, and it is the cutest, pinkest, girliest laptop I’ve ever seen! I’m working on getting it set up (with quite a bit of help from the hubby), and you can expect that I will again soon be the blogging hurricane that I once was…