You know me. I end up in little political funks every now and then, and I am now in the midst of a doozy. I don’t want to watch the news – I barely even gave my attention to the primary results last night (I actually watched “The Biggest Loser” instead).  So take my comments with something strong to drink.

Remember, if you’re reading this blog, I’m not talking to you. You’re paying attention. So don’t be offended. Or do. I’m sure it won’t be the first time.

I don’t think everyone should vote.

There. I said it.

Any idiot can push a button. Even my one-year-old is capable of arbitrarily smacking buttons until he makes something happen (he is brilliant, though), which is little more than the vast majority of American voters can claim. If you’re not informed, then don’t vote.

I’m not sure where we came up with this idea that every American should, out of some supposed obligation to democracy, exercise their right to vote, regardless of whether they have any clue what is actually going on in the world. Voting is dangerous and, while I would never say that anyone should not be allowed to vote, I do think that those who have little more than cursory knowledge of our government should take it upon themselves to spare the rest of us by staying home on election day.

I actually heard a woman say that she was going to vote for Hillary Clinton because “She a woman. And she can do it better.” This woman should clearly not vote. Anyone who is voting because of what some politician promised to do for him/her shouldn’t vote. Anyone who simply isn’t paying attention. Anyone who is voting for someone because he’s good looking. Anyone who is voting for someone because he says he loves Jesus. Anyone who disagrees with me…oh, I ‘m just kidding.

The fact of the matter is that, when voting, we have not only ourselves to consider, but untold millions of people around the world. We are electing a leader who could potentially decide to wipe country x, y, or z off the map; this isn’t a vote for homecoming queen. Voting is a responsibility and to take it lightly, i.e., to vote without being informed, is not only irresponsible but downright dangerous.

Maybe it started with the “Vote or Die” movement on MTV, or maybe it started long before that, but whatever the origins we must stop encouraging people to vote “just because they can.” We should, however, encourage folks to get informed. I don’t think there is anyone so mentally inept that they can’t gain enough understanding to cast a vote, if they only try. The problem is, they’re not trying.

So we’ll end up with a president who is good-looking or charming or who promises us the moon and those of us in the know will ponder moving to a deserted island. Anyone up for a move to those man-made islands off the coast of Dubai?