Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I’m babysitting full-time now, so with two one-year-olds running around the house politics has been the furtherest thing from my mind. I have noticed a few things over the last two or three days that merit my hoping the kids sleep long enough for me to comment.

1. What is it with “change”? The media decides that Obama’s win in Iowa has something to do with him being the “candidate of change” and suddenly every Washington-worn, dirty politician currently parading around New Hampshire is claiming to be the “candidate of change.” Anyone who believes that someone like John McCain can change anything but his underpants needs his head examined.

2. What is it with Hillary’s weepy spectacle? The hubby came home last night and asked if I had heard Hillary’s weepy answer to the “How do you do it” softball that came at a cafe round table in New Hampshire. While I’d read the headline, I almost lost my lunch at the thought of having to actually listen to the clip, so I had to admit I hadn’t heard it. As has become custom in our house lately, the hubby said that he felt like he needed a shower after hearing it on NPR on the way home from work.

Hillary deserves an Oscar. Polls show that she’s not “connecting” with voters, so some freelance photographer lobs her a softball “How do you stay so perfect?” question and Hillary turns on the waterworks. I can just see the unsuspecting women sitting around the cafe, like one of Dr. Phil’s studio audiences, hands over their hearts, thinking “Oh, she’s just so human.” Gag me with a paper ballot.

Hillary’s a politician, sweethearts, with a marriage that’s nothing more than a political business deal. If tears will get her into the hearts of voters, then, by golly, she’ll turn on the water works. And you goobers fell for it. Sheesh.

3. What’s with Glenn Beck’s dreamy softball questions to Mitt Romney (not unlike the aforementioned freelance photographer’s “question” to Hillary)? While running in to town yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of listening to the Glenn Beck interview with Mitt Romney. I have never heard such a starstruck interview coming from a purported professional in all my life. Beck asked Romney, “You’re so put together…do you have any flaws?” I could almost see Beck batting his eyelashes, chin in hand, grinning like a possum as Romney twists his toe in the dirt saying, “Aww, shucks, Glenn! I’m not all that…”

I rather enjoy listening to Glenn Beck, even though we don’t particularly agree politically. He says the things I’m too nice to say and I generally appreciate that. The Romney interview, however, was just too much for me to handle. I’ll have to take a Beck break for at least a few days.

4. I’m looking forward to the NH primary. I think that the primary system is a bit more telling than the caucus, as it puts the election in the hands of “real” people, as opposed to the party activists (you know, the only ones who will give up two or so hours to hang out and talk politics on a Thursday night). Plus, I like New Hampshire. They don’t like taxes (nor do they have a lot of them) and their license plates say “Live Free or Die.” What’s not to love about that?


The Young Republicans will be meeting on Tuesday night at 6:30 at the Jonesborough Pizza Parlor.  The speaker will be David Crum from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

I was sent this article by Mary Pride.

Huckabee Not the Best for Homeschoolers

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