ABC has decided to exclude only Duncan Hunter from their Republican debate, stating that all other candidates met their criteria of either placing in the top 4 in Iowa or receiving at least 5% support in either National or New Hampshire polls. “FauxNews,” on the other hand, is excluding Ron Paul, in addition to Duncan Hunter.

The New Hampshire Republican Committee is involved in talks with Fox, threatening the news station with pulling their support for Sunday’s forum.

Fox’s excuse for excluding Paul is that he doesn’t meet their “criteria” and they don’t have room on their set for another warm body. Right.

Republican bigwigs, including, of course, the NH Republican Party, are up in arms over the exclusion of Paul, whom they say is a “viable national candidate.”

This disgusting attempt by a media outlet to so effect the election absolutely makes my blood boil. While I no longer have FoxNews through my cable service (who in the world wants to pay $50 a month for a bunch of junk tv?), I wouldn’t watch them if I did. I realized several years ago that “fair and balanced” is really code for “a bunch of neo-conservative nut burgers.”

I will, by the way, be laughing my proverbial fanny off when Fox’s fake debate faces widespread boycott even by the Republican Party. Very few people like to feel as though they’re being “had,” and I hope Fox learns this lesson quite painfully.