I think I’ve only made predictions a couple of times before, as I hate to be wrong. I’m going to go out on a limb, though, with the Iowa caucus and hope that instead of making excuses for my folly tomorrow, I’ll get to dish out a big, fat “I told you so!”

Here’s how I think the Iowa Republican caucus is going to pan out:

1. (this is a toughie) Mike Huckabee. I think that Huckabee has the momentum going at the right time. If the caucus was held a couple of weeks from now, I doubt Huckabee would have a shot. As it stands, however, there hasn’t been time for his momentum to slow down (as it inevitably will, as he is NOT a conservative and people are going to find that out sooner or later) and I think he’ll be able to pull out a win.

2. Mitt Romney. He’s spent the money, and I think it’ll get him votes. It’s a bit of a toss-up between Romney and Huckabee for first or second, but I think the Romney-train has slowed down enough to give Huckabee the win.

3. Ron Paul. I know, I know – poll watchers think I’m nuts for calling third for Dr. Paul, but I really think he’ll pull out a surprise. With the incredible amount of money he’s raised and the vast legions of supporters he has that aren’t showing up in the polls (due to being young, first-time voters, disenfranchised Republicans, Independents, or tech-savvy folks without land-lines), I really think Paul will pull off a third- or fourth-place finish.

4. John McCain. It pains me to say it, but McCain is gaining a bit of momentum at just the right time. I really think, though, that he should consider being a running mate for the Democrats’ nominee. He’d fit in well, and some people still actually think that he’s a conservative, thereby giving the Dems some Republican votes.

5. Fred Thompson. Iowa’s not the South, so he’s not going to get big numbers from the “Southern Boy” voters (which is why I think he’s polling so well in Southern states as compared to the rest of the country). The Christian evangelicals are going with Huckabee, thereby taking away some of Thompson’s votes. He may only hit single digits in Iowa.

6. Rudy Giuliani. He ignored Iowa, so they’re going to ignore him.

7. Duncan Hunter. He’s not getting money or attention, so I don’t think Hunter has a shot. Too bad, because he’s better than almost everyone else on the ticket (other than Dr. Paul, of course!).

There you have it. Jama’s predictions, forever on the internet…so you can hold them against me later!