There has been rumors around the blogosphere concerning a debate hosted by FoxNews on January 6 to which Ron Paul was not invited. In the interest of not looking like a bunch of nut-jobs, however, many have found it prudent to wait and see if the reports were true before bombarding FoxNews with calls and emails.

CNN reported this morning that there is, in fact, a debate scheduled in which Chris Wallace will be asking questions of the Republican candidates hand-picked by Fox, and Dr. Paul is not on the roster.

Fox states that the limit on participants has to do with the lack of space on their souped-up bus location for the debate and they chose candidates who had double-digit support in recent polls. Which polls, I’m not sure.

In the most recent Iowa poll conducted by CNN, for example, Rudy Giuliani received 8%. He has, however, been invited by Fox to their debate. I would say that maybe they’re counting that 8% as 08%, thereby making Giuliani “double digit,” but Ron Paul has the same percentage of support in the same poll.

The FoxNews debate wouldn’t smell quite so fishy if the entire network hadn’t shown such a violent distaste for Paul, “conveniently” leaving him out of poll results and dragging his name through the mud at every opportunity. Then there was the Fox and Friends “interview” a couple of weeks ago in which Paul was asked to give one-word answers to questions concerning such “simple” topics as monetary policy and the war in Iraq.

The ABC debate participants will be decided based on the top finishers in the Iowa caucus.

I find it an affront to our political system that the media would take it upon themselves to decide who is “worthy” of air-time. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the population isn’t even paying attention to presidential politics yet – it’s just too early. Yet their decisions are being made for them by a few die-hard politicos in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the mainstream media. Most people aren’t even getting the chance to take a look at all the candidates before participants are being eliminated for not being popular enough. It’s like a high school homecoming queen vote on steroids.

How terribly unfair to the public that they are being presented with a roster of candidates that have been hand-picked by the media. This isn’t a problem merely on the Republican side, either. As the media focuses on Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, candidates such as Dodd, Biden, and Kucinich are pushed by the wayside, never to get the attention that they deserve.

So, Paul-heads, sign on to your email because the rumors are true. Our one great hope, of course, is that Dr. Paul sweeps the Iowa caucus, turning the media on it’s ear. We should, nevertheless, make our frustrations known to those media outlets who have decided to pick our president for us. Be nice, but let ’em have it!