As much as I love politics, I have to say that having the first big presidential showdown little more than a week after Christmas is a bit, well, irritating.

I’m still all wrapped up in boxes and bows, having fun with fire engines, a baby grand piano (the Fisher Price kind, not a real one!), and even a rocking motorcycle, but here we are, eight days away from the Iowa caucus. Dang it, I’m not ready!

I even feel a bit sorry for the candidates, campaign staff, and their families for having to jump back on the presidential bus this soon after the holiday. It seems a little cold, and I’m not talking about the weather.

So, I’m going to take another day or two to have lots and lots of Christmas fun before getting back on the political bandwagon. Not that politics isn’t fun, but it sure can’t stand up to pushing an 11-month-old around in a giant fire truck! I might be ready to do some presidential thrashing by tomorrow, or maybe the next day, but until then you can expect nothing but painfully cheerful Christmas fun out of me!