Since when is “I’m thinking about possibly running for office” a news story? Are we that hard up for news that we have to talk to people who think that they might run for office? Well, here you go…I might possibly one day run for public office. Do you want to do a story on me? Headline: “Jama Oliver Considers One Day Maybe Running for Public Office Somewhere” What a scoop!

Not that it’s any surprise that the Johnson City Press would jump at the chance to feature another Fred Phillips story. During his last failed election attempt, the Press featured him on the front page of their Sunday edition at least once while I was still subscribing, and consistently printed every detail they could possibly come up with to get Phillips in their pages. This is one of the many reasons why I refer to the JC Press as a “liberal snot rag.”

This time the story was about Phillips thinking about maybe announcing that he may or may not run again for the 7th District State House seat now held by Matthew Hill. He’ll apparently make this announcement (whether or not he may or may not be running) on January 4. Whoopee.

Phillips commented in the article that he felt like those of us in the 7th district reelected Hill “in order to form a final opinion on him and how he works for the party.”

No, we reelected Hill because we prefer solid conservative values over good ol’ boy liberals to represent us in Nashville. If anyone doesn’t know Hill they can feel free to give him a call, as his cell phone number is widely published and he takes significant time to meet and speak with his constituents. By the way, Hill doesn’t “work for the party.” He works for us (the taxpayers of the 7th District).

Phillips additionally mentioned that the Republican party is running another candidate against Hill (Todd Smith, who announced a couple of weeks ago), which indicates to him that we are not satisfied with the job Hill is doing. Actually, Smith’s run indicates that a few people with cash would rather have a puppet in Nashville and Smith is excited at the chance to begin his move up the political ladder.

Look, it’s no secret that I’m going to support Matthew Hill. It’s no secret that I have worked for his previous campaigns and I’ll be working on his campaign in ’08. So don’t take my word for it. Check Hill’s record. Then check Phillips’. There is absolutely no reason to take what is said by the Press (who clearly supports Phillips) or by me (who clearly supports Hill) at face value. There are plenty of ways to get to know these candidates (or possible candidates) and what they have done while on the state’s payroll.

Before anyone makes a comment on some supposed irony at my criticizing the Press for blatantly supporting a particular candidate while I do the same thing here, remember that the job of the “press” is different from the job of a blogger. You know what you’re getting here: Jama Oliver’s opinion. When you pick up a newspaper you should be getting news, not opinion or political plugs (except in the op-ed section, which is designed for such bias).