I’m going through another of my political funks, which is why I’ve spent the last few days writing only about Ron Paul. Everything else in the political world is annoying me at the moment…

Many have been asking why Ron Paul isn’t showing higher support in the polls, and Dr. Paul gave a plausible explanation during his interview this morning on CNN’s American Morning.

Many Ron Paul supporters are independents or disenfranchised Republicans who didn’t vote in the last election and will, therefore, not get polling calls. Many supporters are young and haven’t voted in previous elections and, therefore, won’t get calls. Plus, many of us (myself included) use only cell phones (i.e., we don’t have traditional land line telephones, which are used for polling) and don’t get polling calls. Considering how many of Paul’s supporters are avid internet users, the cell phone point is certainly valid.

Then there’s the fact that polling is often wrong. Remember the exit polls in ’04? Kerry was winning in those.

So, while I’m not suggesting that Ron Paul is in first or even second place, I will submit to you that he is doing much better than the polls suggest. How many other candidates have scores of passionate supporters waving signs across the country every weekend?

Don’t count Paul out because he’s not a “traditional” candidate. I suspect that he’ll do much better than many in the media, and certainly the Republican party, expect.