I’ve spent the last day or so listening to reports of baseball players on steroids (as if I care) and another boring debate in Iowa (Democrats want to increase my taxes and take over my life…big surprise). Talk about a couple of slow news days. Amid the blather, however, a story surfaced about Mike Huckabee, who apparently made a “derogatory” remark (it was really a question) to a NY Times reporter about the Mormon religion.

I tried to ignore the story because, really, I don’t particularly care about Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, or the Mormon faith, but when Glenn Beck got on his proverbial high horse about the incident, I figured it was time to get some things off my chest.

Apparently, during an interview with the NY Times, Huckabee asked, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?” Little did I (and I’m sure, Huckabee, as well) know that this question is offensive to Mormons.

Rather than simply answering the question, Mitt Romney acted appalled. “How dare anyone question my faith!”

People have their faith questioned all the time, Mitt. Get used to it. Try being the only Christian in a philosophy class at a secular university. Then complain to me about having your faith “questioned.” Geez.

His point – I get it – is that one’s faith has very little to do with one’s ability to be president. Well, I respectfully disagree. If your “faith” is in a flying spaghetti monster, then you are clearly too mentally inept to run the country. My point – without getting too much into the details – is that your faith is intellectually and Biblically questionable, and, therefore, so are you.

So now Glenn Beck, who is also Mormon, is terribly upset that anyone dare be so disrespectful of his faith. I overlooked Beck’s comment on CNN a few days ago that “anyone who is not going to vote for someone because he’s a Mormon is a pinhead,” but this is just too much.

On his program this morning, Beck droned on about how his “people” (i.e., the Mormons) were driven from their homes with torches and threats of death so that they could worship freely in the desert. “They said we have horns!” “They killed us for our beliefs!” …and now he’s mad because someone asked a question? Please.

Part of living in a country with the great right of “freedom of religion” is being able to question others’ faith. I guess that only works if it’s not your faith that’s being questioned.

So, I don’t really care what Mike Huckabee said (or asked, as it were) about Mormons. Unless he called for the wholesale slaughter of all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, its not a big deal. Sticks and stones and such…

Of course, I’m not voting for either Huckabee or Romney, not because of their religious beliefs, but because of their politics. I guess I’m just glad they’ve given me something to write about on a couple of slow news days.