My head is swimming a bit as I have been reading Ron Paul’s columns on free trade, open trade, protectionism vs. isolationism, globalism, and the economy. I’ve been curious about comments Paul made concerning free trade during the Iowa debate this week.

It seems that Dr. Paul’s belief is more along the lines of what we would call open trade (as pointed out by Lee in the comments section of a previous post). Dr. Paul does not support NAFTA, CAFTA, or the like. He, rather, believes that the Federal Government should lower tariffs on the American people, eliminate any restrictions on from whom we may purchase goods (e.g., the trade embargo with Cuba), and create a tax structure that creates an environment in which businesses would want to operate. This is a complicated process given the current American bureaucracy, but wonderful idea, I think.

In one of his columns, Dr. Paul discusses the American government’s policy of subsidized trade with China, which is quite different than merely allowing the American people to buy Chinese goods if we so desire.

In another column, Dr. Paul blasts CAFTA.

I’d appreciate some insight on Dr. Paul’s position on trade. What would it mean for our economy? The safety of our goods? Would his trade policy require an overhaul of the tax system to work?

I know my fellow RP supporters will jump at the chance to clarify Dr. Paul’s positions, so have at it!