As Sen. Harry Reid proposes doing cartwheels down the center aisle of the Senate chamber to “draw attention to Republican efforts to block legislation,” it is clear that the bickering between our two illustrious political parties in Washington will not end soon. Sadly, the two parties are far too concerned with pleasing those who are lining their pockets rather than actually doing the right thing.

I am still astounded that the Democrats want to give the impression that the only options for fixing the AMT is to raise taxes or increase the deficit – cutting spending is never even mentioned. The failure to come to an agreement on the AMT is what is holding up passage of the Federal budget.

The Dems are also afraid that Republicans in the Senate will block the energy bill that recently passed the house. The Dems either don’t understand – or more likely, don’t care – that eliminating the tax breaks for oil companies (Republicans’ main objection to the bill) will only hurt the consumer. Businesses don’t pay taxes, as they simply pass those taxes on to their customers. Unfortunately most Democratic supporters are oblivious to that fact. “Stick it to the oil companies! We don’t like them!” is their mantra. Too bad they’re really sticking it to themselves.

Our Congressmen are fighting over the Farm Bill, the Iraq War, Hate Crimes legislation…they’re even fighting over whether or not they’re fighting. The worst part of it is, no one seems to be able to give a good reason as to why they support or don’t support the legislation in question. No one is engaging in logical, reasoned debate. Rhetoric abounds. Mudslinging is the norm. And I hear the distinct sound of my tax dollars being flushed down the toilet.

Cue shameless Ron Paul plug

Ron Paul, on the other hand, rather than pandering to special interest groups, simply (and quite efficiently – no bickering needed) votes “no.” N-O. If it ain’t in the Constitution, his answer is “NO.”

While we, sadly, probably won’t end up with a Congress filled with Ron Paul doppelgangers, he can be our president. And he should. Because, dammit, I want my country back.