At an astonishing 63% tax rate, someone who makes the equivalent of $70,000 in Denmark will only take home $25,900 per year. That is why Denmark is facing a labor shortage and will soon see a drastic decline in its economy.

An International Herald Tribune article chronicles the story of Thomas Sorensen who, instead of seeking employment in his native Denmark, ignores the scores of job offers in his home country, deciding he would rather work in a country with a lower income tax rate. He now works in Frankfurt, Germany, where he pays a (comparatively) modest 25% in income taxes.

Sorensen said that, while working in Denmark, he dreaded his yearly review. Rather than getting a raise, most of which would go to the government, he said he would have liked to receive vacation time or training courses in the tropics – “something you get the full benefit of.”

This is the fatal flaw of Communism (which is what such an oppressive income tax really is). You can’t force people to work for that which they do not reap the benefit. I don’t want to work for some lazy jerk watching Jerry Springer all day – I want to work for my family. No government program in the world can successfully sustain forced labor “for the good of the community.” Besides, it’s nothing more than glorified slavery.

Denmark reportedly has the most “equal” society in the world, with everyone making about the same amount of money whether they slave 90 hours a week or lay on their lazy behinds eating bonbons all day. How funny that this is what we call “equal.” “I work my fanny off while you reap the benefit” doesn’t sound terribly “equal” to me…

I will take great pleasure in watching the Danish economy suffer the consequences of this slavery, as experts estimate that Denmark’s economy will slow to a growth of just over 1% annually beginning in 2009 as labor becomes increasingly scarce.

It would have been much easier to study the history of world Communism rather than learn such a lesson the hard way, don’t you think?