As I sit at my computer, waiting for all this food to digest, I find myself thankful for politics. It makes for fabulous conversation around the dinner table.

We could have talked about how my husband dropped the turkey back into the grease-filled pan as he removed it from the oven, splashing grease all over my always spotless kitchen. Or how, later in the day, my dog decided to drink all the turkey grease she could by licking the floor and the inside of the oven door.  Or we could have discussed this or that wayward family member. Or even how much skinnier I am this year than I was last Thanksgiving (hey, I was somewhere around 34 months pregnant this time last year!)…

Instead, much to my mother’s dismay, we discussed politics. We talked about how much we dislike (and I’m cleaning up the language here) George W. Bush. We talked about idiots who say that they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton “if it comes down to it.” We talked about Ron Paul and how we’re all going to vote for him even though we don’t really think he’ll get the nomination. We talked about foreign policy, the war in Iraq, Communism, trade policy, and various and sundry other things that just make my eyes sparkle.

While my 10-month-old ate his very first “real” (i.e., not pureed) turkey and pumpkin pie, I got to sit around and complain about the state of our country and how much better America would be if we were running things.  That, my friends, is what Thanksgiving is all about for me.

And the food was fantastic, as well (my sister and I are fabulous cooks, even if I do say so myself).

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow political junkies.