Hypocrite alert! Some of the very liberals who find it unacceptable for Christians to impose morality upon the United States seem to think it’s ok to impose American morality on Saudi Arabia. My question: who says your morality (or lack thereof…) is better than that of the Saudis?

A Saudi woman who was out in public with a man who was not her husband (a violation of Saudi law) was abducted (along with the man) and gang raped by 7 men. Five of the seven men have been apprehended and sentenced to prison and a combined total of 2,230 lashes. The woman was sentenced to 90 lashes for being alone with an unrelated man; her sentence was increased when she spoke to the media about the case.

To hear CNN tell the story, the woman was punished for being raped. This is certainly not the case. The woman was punished for violating Saudi law by being out in public with a man who is not her relative. The woman broke the law, and should be punished accordingly. Should she get a free pass because she was raped? Certainly not.

I can’t imagine a woman in this country getting a free pass on robbing a convenience store simply because she was raped as she ran from the scene. “Oh, you were raped…let’s just forget about that law you broke beforehand!” That’s not justice, or even some twisted form of mercy.

So, while it may seem harsh to an American that this woman is being punished for something we don’t understand – being out in public with a man who is not her relative – it is not our place to condemn the actions of the Saudi court. Especially if you’re a bleeding heart liberal who doesn’t believe that one should impose her morality on another.

I just thank God congress isn’t in session, or they would certainly pass some worthless resolution condemning the sentence which is, quite frankly, none of our business.