This is a wonderful letter written by Chuck Baldwin concerning his support for Ron Paul.

An Appeal to My Fellow Pastors

Baldwin’s letter encourages conservative Christians to thoughtfully consider Dr. Paul’s candidacy. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon for whatever candidate is endorsed by Pastor Whomever this week, Baldwin believes that we should look to the one candidate who has served his country honorably in Congress for ten terms – without ever voting for a single piece of unconstitutional legislation.

As Baldwin mentions in his letter, it is a misconception that Ron Paul is a hard-line Libertarian (meaning he is a social libertarian as well as a fiscal libertarian). I, too, find that many people throw out the term “Libertarian” in order to get others to discount his views.

Dr. Paul is a fiscal libertarian, and a libertarian when it comes to the power of the Federal government. He is, however, a social conservative. He is pro-life and supports the sanctity of marriage.

So, there’s my weekly plug for Ron Paul.