Local Author/Homeschool mom, Sonya Haskins, had scheduled a homeschool informational meeting for this Thursday at the Jonesborough Public Library. After a phone call to the library from County Mayor, George Jaynes, however, Mrs. Haskins was informed that her meeting had been removed from the library schedule.

According to Mayor Jaynes, because the public library is a public-owned facility, they have an obligation to support other public entities, such as the public school system. In Jaynes’ opinion, holding a homeschool informational meeting would be detrimental to the public school system.

Jaynes is apparently forgetting the fact that Haskins and other homeschool parents are taxpayers, too.

Aside from censoring Haskins, not because of profanity or imminent threat to the public but because he doesn’t like what she has to say, Jaynes seems to be more concerned with the fact that homeschoolers “cost” the county money.

Jaynes told Newschannel 11 that the county loses $7000 for every student that is homeschooled. Well la-ti-da. What about the money homeschooling parents lose when they pay for both public education through ridiculously high taxation in addition to the money they spend to give their children a superior education at home?

Jaynes is now saying that the whole thing was a “miscommunication.” He claims that he never told library employees to cancel the meeting, but suggested that they think twice before placing such events on the schedule in the future. Right. Sounds like damage control to me.

I’m just glad that Haskins is one tough homeschool momma and wouldn’t take Jaynes’ censorship lying down. At the advice of County Attorney Rambo, the meeting is back on.

In case you’re interested in attending the homechool informational session at the Jonesborough Library, it is this Thursday at 2pm.