The total is…

$4.2 million!!!

Ron Paul raked in $4.2 million from more than 37,000 donors in one day! This gives Paul the highest fundraising total in one day on the Republican side…putting him behind only Senator Clinton and Barack Obama for all presidential candidates in one-day fundraising.

My hope is that this will send a message to the GOP that the only way we’re going to beat the Democrats in ’08 is by nominating a candidate who isn’t either a) just like the Democrats (Guiliani), or b) just like George W. (everyone else). We are sick and tired of the same old, run-of-the-mill “republicans” who really aren’t Republicans at all. How sad that Ron Paul has to be referred to as the “Republican with Libertarian leanings” in order to distinguish him from the rest of the field. The fact is, there was a time when Ron Paul would have personified Republican values. Now we have to clarify that he’s different than the rest.

So, members of the Ron Paul Revolution…keep up the good work! There’s hope for us yet!