I’ve been catching up on news today, so I’m gathering headlines from the last several days. Here’s what I’ve seen:

Hang on while I stop laughing….

Let’s start with the first article, “Poll: 75% Dislike Congress’ Performance.” According to a CNN/Opinion research poll, Congress’ approval rating is at a dismal 22%. 75% of those polled disapprove of Congress’ performance. A year ago (just before the election that gave Democrats control of both houses of Congress due to voters’ displeasure with Republicans) Congress’ approval rating was at 28% approval, 63% disapproval.

So, just so we’re clear, Americans are less happy with Congress now than they were when we “tossed the bums out” this time last year. So much for that mandate, eh, Dems?

The second article, “Poll Finds Democrats Turning on Pelosi” is along the same lines as the first. Basically, even Californians – notoriouly liberal Californians – are sick of Pelosi’s House. Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer’s approval ratings are all down, according to polls in their home state. It is being said that they’re not doing enough to “shake up the status quo” in Washington.

Now for damage control:

“Democrats: Bush, GOP Blocking Top Priorities”

The Democrats announced today that it’s not their fault they’re not doing anything substantive – it’s President Bush and the meanie Republicans!


More likely, it’s the fact that the Dems are too busy investigating this, that, or the other thing, attempting to push through ridiculously liberal bills with astronomical tax-hikes, and fighting for impossible-to-pass “let’s pull the troops out now” bills. It’s called time-wasting. And the Dems are darn good at it.

I’ll be the first to admit that Bush’s excuse for vetoing SCHIP (one of the Democrats’ “it’s all Bush’s fault” allegations) is shaky at best, and this is an easy way for the Dems to point fingers at his administration for their miserable failures. The president who has tacked $3 trillion onto our national debt is suddenly worried about fiscal responsibility? Give me a break. A better answer from Bush would be “where in the Constitution does it say the Federal government should be paying for health care?,” but, I take what I can get.

What else, exactly, is the President and the GOP doing to thwart the Democrats’ lofty Congressional goals? Not paying attention to their Iraq requests? I can’t quite remember the last time Congress actually put forth a bill that addressed the issue. But Pelosi did spend several days (or was it weeks?) working to declare Turkish actions nearly 100 years ago genocide. Way to use your time wisely, Nancy.

“But it’s not our fault!”

I find it absolutely hysterical that the Democrats in Congress are so thoroughly useless, but they still find a way to blame it all on Bush. And global warming.