I, of course, probably wouldn’t have even heard about this rally if it wasn’t for Ron Paul folks talking about it. It has been decided, however, to not make this an “official” Ron Paul event (as in, RP supporters going and handing out literature) because of the volatile nature of the rally. Word has it that things could get “ugly.” So, it would probably be a good idea to avoid Jonesborough’s downtown area on Saturday.

Unfortunately, my in-laws live quite close to downtown Jonesborough and we’re planning on having dinner with them Saturday night. Yikes.

Anywho, there was a time when I would have latched on to a rally like this in a heartbeat (there’s my dirty confession of the week), but the “peace movement” now kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Just take a look at the list of groups endorsing the rally.  It’s sad that people like this have hijacked the idea of “peace” and made it such an ugly movement when there are many good, Christian people who would like to see an end to the war in Iraq just as much as anyone else. But nowadays I’d join a movement like this when you strap my cold, dead carcass to a hybrid car and tattoo a peace sign on my forehead. Yick.

So, that’s my word of caution for you…Saturday afternoon Jonesborough will be filled with the smell of patchouli and a vicious hatred for pretty much everything in which I believe. Too bad I actually like the smell of patchouli.