I’m not kidding.

The Army Corps of Engineers diverts water from the Atlanta area downstream into Florida to protect mussels. Despite a record drought and the very real possibility that people living in Atlanta will be running out of water in 81 days, they’re not stopping.

This is Federal idiocy at it’s best.

Despite the fact that people are running out of usable water, our Federal government is giving water to mussels. Mussels!

Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely retarded?!?

From CNN: “Florida has complained the state is not sending enough water downstream to protect mussels, and the state’s environmental chief sent a letter to the Corps on Wednesday that warned reducing the water flow ‘would severely impact Florida’s natural resources.'”

I don’t particularly care about Florida’s natural resources if people a few hours away are parched as a result of protecting those resources.

Environmentalist wackos, of course, blame the water shortage on “urban sprawl” and the state’s being unprepared for a potential drought.

News flash, Al Gore wannabes: if you weren’t giving water to mussels, the people in Atlanta would have enough to drink!

So, while Atlantans (Atlantians? Atlantites?) are being forced to conserve water by taking shorter showers and not watering their lawns, mussels in Florida are living the good life…