I occasionally get incredibly tired of politics. I go through phases: for a while I could read and write all day long about what’s going on in politics…I listen to talk radio, pour over news stories, debate my friends and blog with wild abandon. Then I get apathetic. I tire of the same old arguments. My email debates go unanswered, I ignore the news, get irritated with talk radio, and don’t feel like blogging. I’m going through the latter phase right now.

The talking heads say the same things over and over. Give me a headline, and I can tell you what the guy on CNN is going to say about it. Give me an issue, and I can tell you what some Congressman is going to say to try to get you to either support or oppose it. “Bush hates kids,” “Get out of Iraq now,” “Don’t we all deserve the same opportunities?,” and some version of Chicken Little’s “The sky is falling” – it all wears on me after a while.

I just read an article about the SCHIP bill. No big surprise, kids in little red wagons were pictured, with sad little faces meant to make me feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the kids. But not because my government won’t give them a hand-out. I feel sorry for those kids because their parents aren’t providing for them. And, of course, Congressman Whoever said that Bush doesn’t care enough about kids to give them the same basic care that his got. We could go around and around with this argument, but I’m just entirely too tired to fool with it. I try to put myself in the shoes of the parents who want the government to pay for their kids’ doc visits and I come to the conclusion that, while I would rather not pay $400 per month for insurance (which is, by the way, what I actually pay), I still don’t feel it’s the government’s job to do it for me. End of story. Don’t argue with me about it, because I’m annoyed and I won’t argue back.

Then there’s abortion. I’ve left “Abortion Email Debate With My Pro-Choice Friend” in my inbox for who knows how many days now, and I just can’t bring myself to care enough to answer. I’m not going to change her mind, she’s not going to change mine, so what’s the point?

I’ll get out of my funk after a while, I’m sure. Until then, prepare yourselves for some more-cynical-than-usual jamaoliver.com!