Al Gore says the debate on global warming is closed and refuses to argue his claims with those who disagree with him.

The Heartland Institute has spent $700,000 in advertising over the last six months trying to convince Gore to debate one of their climate experts on man-made global warming. Gore continues to refuse to debate.

“The debate has shifted to how to solve the climate crisis, not if there is one,” said Kalee Kreider, a Gore spokesman. “It does not make sense for him to engage in a dialogue with them at this time.”

Wow. Last time I checked catastrophic man-made climate change wasn’t as sure a theory as, say, gravity.

Gore’s spokesman also resorted to the time-honored global warming alarmist tactic of accusing the Heartland Institute of being funded by oil companies. Very creative.

Most oil companies, by the way, are heavily invested in alternative energy nowadays and would actually benefit greatly from the types of cap-and-trade schemes Gore supports. Since everyone hates the oil companies, though, I suppose it’s easier to accuse skeptics of being in cahoots with the devil than with respected scientists.

The fact of the matter is that Gore’s claims are so outlandish that they can’t stand up to scrutiny and he knows it. Hence the debate-ducking.

The Heartland institute plans on spending upwards of $1.2 million to make sure everyone knows that Gore is a big chicken.