October 2007

Ron Paul was on the Tonight Show last night. In case you missed it, you can watch it here.

I am physically incapable of staying up past 11pm, but my husband watched Dr. Paul’s appearance. He said his favorite part was when Jay Leno said, “Thanks to Ron Paul for talking with us tonight. Up next: the Sex Pistols!”



I received this press release from Mountain States Health Alliance this morning:

MSHA helping schools, businesses in fight against staph

Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) officials today announced it would make its specialized health staff available to schools and other public entities as a resource in the battle against staph and staph infection.

“Mountain States Health Alliance has the clinicians with the expertise and the experience in this national battle against staph infection,” said Dennis Vonderfecht, president and CEO of MSHA. “MSHA has been involved with national initiatives which have greatly decreased the infection rates within our hospitals.

“This is a public health issue and we are pleased to pass along the lessons we have learned in this fight. I have appointed a special task force of trained health professionals to serve as a liaison to schools, public buildings, churches and businesses which are in need of information about how best to keep their facilities safe for children, safe for teachers, safe for their employees and safe for their customers,” Vonderfecht said.

One of the MSHA programs to prevent the spread of infections among children involves numerous school systems throughout the Tri-Cities region. MSHA and GOJO, makers of PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer have committed to place hand sanitizing dispensers in elementary, middle and high schools. In addition, MSHA will pay for the sanitizer alcohol gel in those dispensers for the remainder of this school year.”

MSHA officials have been in discussion with schools in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, Elizabethton, Washington County, Carter County, Sullivan County and Smyth (VA) County. In the near future, MSHA has plans to talk with Johnson and Wise (VA) County schools as well.

“MSHA and The Children’s Hospital at Johnson City Medical Center understand that we have a critical role in the health of children in this region,” said Vonderfecht.

“Preventing infections can be as simple as good hand hygiene, but our children need to be taught from a young age to do that hand washing. Having these hand sanitizer dispensers readily available in the schools will help that education process.”

Officials noted a recent school outcome study in which the use of PURELL, along with the implementation of a hand hygiene education program, helped reduce absenteeism due to illness by 51 percent. A workplace study showed a 21 percent reduction in absenteeism due to illness. GOJO will be providing the dispensers for the schools in this program at no charge. Schools will be expected to keep the dispensers in working condition.”

MSHA invited more schools and school systems to apply for this program. On October 31, 2007, schools will be able to submit a simple application form which will be available on http://www.msha.com. Funding for this program will be supported by the hospitals of Mountain States Health Alliance, the Mountain States Foundation, the Mountain States Auxiliary and GOJO Industries. In addition, MSHA and The Children’s Hospital at JCMC are offering educational material to all schools in the region. Additionally, MSHA invited businesses and churches to call upon them with concerns or questions about how each can help fight the spread of infections in our communities.

“Our toll-free Ask-A-Nurse service (800-888-5551) has taken hundreds of calls about this staph issue from concerned residents,” said Ed Herbert, vice president for MSHA Communications and Marketing. “Fortunately, our nurses have been there ready to help ease callers concerns and educate them about this issue. We want to take this education further into our schools, churches and businesses.”

Vonderfecht added, “The fight against infections is a battle that includes our entire community. Together, we can win this battle.”

For more information on the prevention of infections, \ncall Ask-A-Nurse at 800-888-5551 or visit www.msha.com.

MSHA facilities include the Johnson City Medical Center, The Children’s Hospital at JCMC, North Side Hospital, Johnson City Specialty Hospital, James H. & Cecile C. Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital, Woodridge Hospital, a service of JCMC, all in Washington County, Tenn.; Sycamore Shoals Hospital, Carter County, Tenn.; Johnson County Community Hospital, located in Mountain City, Tenn.; Indian Path Medical Center and Indian Path Pavilion in Sullivan County; Smyth County Community Hospital in Smyth County, Va.; Blue Ridge Medical Management Corp. (operating the First Assist Urgent Care centers, ValuCare Clinics in Food City stores and the more than 30 Blue Ridge Physician Group offices) and Medical Center HomeCare and Hospice Services throughout the Tri-Cities region.

The Northeast Tennessee Republican Club will be meeting at the House of Ribs in Johnson City tonight at 6pm. The cost for dinner is $12 (but you don’t have to eat!). The speaker is a surprise!

I would encourage RP supporters to attend the meeting as it seems that most of the folks there last time are on the Fred Thompson wagon.

I, of course, probably wouldn’t have even heard about this rally if it wasn’t for Ron Paul folks talking about it. It has been decided, however, to not make this an “official” Ron Paul event (as in, RP supporters going and handing out literature) because of the volatile nature of the rally. Word has it that things could get “ugly.” So, it would probably be a good idea to avoid Jonesborough’s downtown area on Saturday.

Unfortunately, my in-laws live quite close to downtown Jonesborough and we’re planning on having dinner with them Saturday night. Yikes.

Anywho, there was a time when I would have latched on to a rally like this in a heartbeat (there’s my dirty confession of the week), but the “peace movement” now kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Just take a look at the list of groups endorsing the rally.  It’s sad that people like this have hijacked the idea of “peace” and made it such an ugly movement when there are many good, Christian people who would like to see an end to the war in Iraq just as much as anyone else. But nowadays I’d join a movement like this when you strap my cold, dead carcass to a hybrid car and tattoo a peace sign on my forehead. Yick.

So, that’s my word of caution for you…Saturday afternoon Jonesborough will be filled with the smell of patchouli and a vicious hatred for pretty much everything in which I believe. Too bad I actually like the smell of patchouli.

I had started a terribly interesting post on China’s opposition to the US Missile Defense System when my day was interrupted by a murderous ceiling fan.

While hanging a painting above my bed, the ceiling fan viciously attacked me, knocking me square in the back of the head.  I am convinced that the evil socialist-democrats planted that ceiling fan above my bed, knowing that I would one day hang a painting and get smacked in the head.

My mother-in-law has been here taking care of my little one in case I pass out or my head explodes.

You never know what the evil left will do to silence a conservative blogger…even planting a violent ceiling fan in my home. Jerks.

Anywho, since I’m suffering from a mild concussion, I can’t imagine that I’ll be clear-headed enough to finish my piece on the Chinese. You can read the article and look forward to my comments when the swelling goes down.

As evangelicals gathered at the Values Voter Summit over the weekend to listen to candidates drone on about how they’re the “real conservative,” I find myself a little embarrassed to be a politically active Christian.

The very fact that large numbers of people think that candidates are actually going to go to a gathering such as the Values Voter Summit and pretend to be anything other than “ultra-religious” is unbelievably naive.

Fred Thompson said he’d go to the Oval Office within an hour of being sworn in and “pray for the wisdom to do the right thing.” Right. The thing that amazes me is that people actually applauded! What, exactly, in Fred Thompson’s rather public life has revealed that he is a “Jesus Freak?” Even Hillary Clinton invokes the name of God when in a room of folks that might be religious and these people really think that Fred Thompson is above such nonsense? Come on…

These are probably the same church goers who think that Rudy Giuliani and his three wives are all piously worshiping in some ultra-conservative church each and every Sunday morning.

Let’s, just for fun, discuss a few of the candidates and their supposed fit with the Religious Right:

  • Rudy Giuliani
    • Married: 3 times (wife #3 is the mistress he kept during marriage #2)
    • Children: 2 biological children who don’t speak to him, and 1 step-daughter
    • Political Affiliation: Democrat and Independent during the 1970’s; currently a Republican (although Giuliani’s mother said in 1988 that “He only became a Republican after he began to get all these jobs from them. He’s definitely not a conservative Republican. He thinks he is, but he isn’t. He still feels very sorry for the poor.”)
    • Abortion: Pro-choice (in 1999, Giuliani said, “I’m pro-choice.” That has been reaffirmed during the 2007 campaign.)
    • Gay-Rights: Pro-gay rights (In the same breath as the 1999 “I’m pro-choice” statement, Giuliani said, “I’m pro-gay rights.”)
    • Education: favors privatization and voucher programs
    • Drugs: supports Federal “war on drugs”
    • Gun Control: believes gun owners should have to pass a written test

    (source: On the Issues and Wikipedia) It is a bit difficult to assess Giuliani’s positions as he is best known for being the Mayor of New York City. Philosophically, state and local governing is different from National governing, so we really aren’t sure how Rudy would behave in National office. He has made it clear, though, that he is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. My take on Giuliani: he’s a Democrat.

  • Fred Thompson
    • Marriages: 2 (divorced first wife in 1985; currently still married to second wife)
    • Children: 5 (3 from first marriage; 2 from second)
    • Political affiliation: Republican
    • Religious affiliation: Church of Christ, although only attends church when in Tennessee
    • Abortion: Pro-life, although lobbied for abortion-rights organization
    • Gay Rights: opposes gay marriage; believes civil unions should be left up to states
    • Free Trade: favors (while in Congress, voted YES on permanent normal trade relations with China – a Communist country, in case you haven’t gotten the memo)
    • Iraq: “essentially” agrees with President Bush
    • Education: favors school choice
    • Foreign Policy: favors preemptive strikes

(source: On the Issues and Wikipedia) My take on Fred Thompson: He is George W. Bush with an extra wife.

  • Mitt Romney
    • Marriage: 1 (married to his high school sweetheart)
    • Children: 5 sons
    • Political Affiliation: Republican (sort of)
    • Religious Affiliation: Mormon
    • Abortion: wishy-washy – sometimes pro-life, sometimes pro-choice. Has said that he is personally pro-life but doesn’t feel that government should intrude, but has also said that he believes that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.
    • Gay rights: opposes gay marriage, but supports benefits for gay partners
    • Education: supported abolishing the Department of Education in 2002; supports “means-tested” vouchers; believes that schools should teach family values but not religion or prayer
    • Energy: supports all means of gaining energy independence (alternative fuels, drilling in ANWR, etc)
    • Second Amendment: supports second amendment but also supports assault weapons ban and Brady Bill
    • Health Care: instituted universal health care while governor of Massachusetts (I will concede that, on a state level, it doesn’t seem to be a terrible plan when compared to, say, Hillarycare or the Edwards mandate)

    (source: On the Issues,Wikipedia, and MittRomney.com) Romney seems like an almost-decent-enough candidate, except for the fact that he’s a member of a cult and is singing a significantly more conservative tune than the one he sang while governor.

  • Mike Huckabee
    • Marriage: 1 (as far as I have been able to find)
    • Children: 3
    • Political Affiliation: Republican
    • Religious Affiliation: Baptist (attended Southwesten Baptist Theological Seminary after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Ouachita Baptist University)
    • Spending and Taxes: received an “F” grade from the Cato Institute in 2006 on spending and taxes; supports the FairTax
    • Immigration: called bill that would deny benefits to illegal aliens “unchristian”
    • Abortion: pro-life
    • Gay Rights: anti-gay marriage; opposes civil unions
    • Death Penalty: supports; opposes “hate crimes” legislation
    • Education: while governor, supported higher taxes and greater involvement of government in education
    • Second Amendment: supports
    • Health Care: opposes government-run plan

    (Source: On the Issues, Wikipedia, and MikeHuckabee.com) Huckabee’s record on taxes and spending, education, and immigration are scary. Very scary.

  • Ron Paul
    • Marriage: 1 wife, Carol, married in 1957
    • Children: 5 children and 17 grandchildren
    • Experience: served for nearly 2 decades in Congress
    • He has never voted to raise taxes.
    • He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
    • He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
    • He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
    • He has never taken a government-paid junket.
    • He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
    • He voted against the Patriot Act.
    • He voted against regulating the Internet.
    • He voted against the Iraq war.
    • He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
    • He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

    (Source: Wikipedia and RonPaul2008.com) Guess who I’m voting for? 😉

The results of the Values Voter Poll are as follows:

1. Mitt Romney … 27.62 %
2. Mike Huckabee … 27.10 %
3. Ron Paul … 14.98%
4. Fred Thompson … 9.77 %
5. Sam Brownback … 5.14 %
6. Duncan Hunter … 2.42 %
7. Tom Tancredo … 2.30 %
8. Rudy Giuliani … 1.85 %
9. John McCain … 1.40 %

I’m not kidding.

The Army Corps of Engineers diverts water from the Atlanta area downstream into Florida to protect mussels. Despite a record drought and the very real possibility that people living in Atlanta will be running out of water in 81 days, they’re not stopping.

This is Federal idiocy at it’s best.

Despite the fact that people are running out of usable water, our Federal government is giving water to mussels. Mussels!

Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely retarded?!?

From CNN: “Florida has complained the state is not sending enough water downstream to protect mussels, and the state’s environmental chief sent a letter to the Corps on Wednesday that warned reducing the water flow ‘would severely impact Florida’s natural resources.'”

I don’t particularly care about Florida’s natural resources if people a few hours away are parched as a result of protecting those resources.

Environmentalist wackos, of course, blame the water shortage on “urban sprawl” and the state’s being unprepared for a potential drought.

News flash, Al Gore wannabes: if you weren’t giving water to mussels, the people in Atlanta would have enough to drink!

So, while Atlantans (Atlantians? Atlantites?) are being forced to conserve water by taking shorter showers and not watering their lawns, mussels in Florida are living the good life…

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