This is a fantastic essay by Tom Potoms:

The Welfare State and How It’s Destroying the West

Potoms gives a fantastic explanation of the welfare state, why it is problematic, and what we need to do about it. Here is my favorite part of the essay:

“…I would like to urge all mainstream conservatives and libertarians to turn away from the neoconservative influence and take a firm stand against the social-democratic, progressive worldview, and to take up the real conservative world view, which is very much different from the Great Society-conservatives and libertarians who have ceded the philosophical and moral high grounds to the progressive elites.

“The welfare state, or managerial system, gives food to people lacking in personal responsibility; the progressives tell them they aren’t responsible for their own actions, it’s the fault of society that they are acting in a violent and barbaric way. The progressive argues for greater central planning and more state intervention in the economy; otherwise, society will turn into a violent place. Only through state planning can a “Great Society” be created, a Utopia that would last for a thousand years.

“…Mainstream conservatives must not be swayed by that disguised form of progressivism, neoconservative. If they are, the West will have no way to uphold its culture anymore against the progressive and multicultural elite of the New Left and its politically correct-regime.”

Potoms points out elsewhere in his essay the problems with “anarcho-tyranny,” in which our society refuses to control the criminal so that we control the innocent. It is a frightening reflection of America today.

Potoms’s essay is the best explanation of the problems of the welfare state that I have read in a while. I certainly couldn’t have given a better treatment of the topic myself!