I’ve been talking about this in comments, and (if I remember correctly) in some previous posts, but I want to make sure that all my readers know about the wheel tax petition that is currently circulating.

If you are a registered voter in Washington County, TN you can sign this petition requesting the opportunity to vote on whether or not we want the wheel tax. This is pursuant to the Tennessee Code Annotated 5-8-102 which states:

“Except as provided in subdivision (c)(2)(B), if there is a petition of registered voters amounting to ten percent (10%) of the votes cast in the county in the last gubernatorial election that is filed with the county election commission within thirty (30) days of final approval of such resolution [imposition of a wheel tax] by the county legislative body, then the county election commission shall call an election on the question of whether or not the tax should be levied in accordance with the provisions of this section.”

With just under 4000 signatures, this petition would require the Washington County Commission give us the opportunity to vote on the issue.

All petitions must be returned to James Reeves no later than October 15, to allow time to compile the sheets and return them to the county.

If you are interested in signing the petition, please contact me, either through this website (by leaving a comment to this post) or my email (jamaoliver@gmail.com). You may also contact James Reeves at james@reeves4house.com.