I am no major supporter of President Bush. I think he’s made major mistakes, probably has some evil intent, and isn’t nearly as conservative as I’d like, but sometimes he gets it right. His promise to veto the SCHIP bill is one of those times.

If it is the case that the bill would extend coverage to many children whose parents make up to $83,000 per year, then he is without a doubt justified in threatening a veto. Shoot, if that bill passes, I think I’ll see if I can’t get my kid covered under SCHIP. It sure beats having to pay for health insurance myself. (Haters: I won’t really stop paying for my own health insurance to get government coverage. It goes against my principles. I’m simply trying to make a point that people who make $80,000, or even $50,000 per year don’t need government health coverage.)

There are those who are saying that the bill will not extend coverage to families who make $83,000 per year, saying the figure is closer to $41,300 for a family of four (which still, depending on where the family lives, is more than should even be considered in need of assistance.) Nevertheless, federal health care in any form is a violation of the Constitution (unless, of course, you believe that “provide for the general welfare” includes “income redistribution”), and should be severely limited – not expanded.

Here’s the quote that really burned my biscuits: “I’m optimistic we can get a significant number of Republicans,” Rep. LaHood (R-Ill) said. “It’ll be a good vote for them. They can go back home and try to assuage the feelings of their constituents who have heartburn about their views on the war or other things. And it shows that, if they feel strongly about something, they are willing to stand up to the president and tell him.”

So, basically, LaHood wants to violate the Constitution, further expand the Federal Government, and push us further toward a nanny state, all so he can get rid of his constituents’ “heartburn” and buy a few votes. Nice.

This is exactly why the Republican party is angering their supporters (or former supporters). The goal for those in Washington should be to follow the law and follow their principles of small government, not bring home little treats to their constituency. This is how we end up with bridges to nowhere. This is also how Republicans end up looking an awful lot like Democrats.

So, my suggestion to the Republicans is to support Pres. Bush’s veto of the SCHIP bill and start acting like Republicans. Maybe then their constituents won’t have so much “heartburn.”