As we are faced with the national ID card system and the probable, eventual collapse of the American economy (without a return the gold standard), I have been increasingly dreaming of a government-free existence for my family.

My hubby has said before how fantastic it would be to leave the rat-race and become a farmer. We’re about to start our very first vegetable garden, so we’ll see where our talents truly lie!

Since we already have to have a government-issued ID to get electricity, drive a car, have a phone, obtain credit, get water service and start a job – no matter how hard we try to avoid it, we are tied to government in ways our founding fathers never could have imagined.

So, my dream is to buy a home equipped with solar panels and well water on a large piece of land good for farming and to ditch society altogether. I can live without a phone, car, television, and – dare I say it? – a computer, if it means that I don’t have to bow to our power-hungry, money-grubbing government.

We can create our own electricity (through the solar panels), pump our own water (from the well), grow our own fruits and veggies (in our own garden), and raise animals for our meat-eating habit. We could occasionally go to town (in our horse and buggy, of course!) for church or to get those goods that we can’t produce ourselves (such as my contact lenses). I dream of a little roadside produce stand to provide us with a little money…ahh, the beauty of a life free from government control. I still haven’t figured out, though, how to get out of paying property taxes. Does anyone know of any untaxed farm land floating around out there?

I’m not an anarchist, mind you. I see the merit in a small and tightly controlled government entity whose job is (and only is) to protect the liberties of it’s citizenry. Unfortunately our government has gone so far from this ideal that I don’t know if we may ever return.

Anyone interested in joining me on my little piece of government-free heaven, you know how to reach me…