Thanks to an act signed in 2005 as part of an emergency military spending and tsunami relief bill, many American citizens will need a passport to board an airplane, enter a Federal building, or visit a state park.

The Real ID Act mandated that all states meet Federal requirements concerning identification cards, including how they are issued and what information they must contain. This would essentially weave driver’s license and state ID cards into a national identification system as early as next year.

What astounds me is the logic (and I use that term loosely) behind this move. Chertoff said that the Real ID program is necessary because there are currently 8,000 types of ID accepted for entrance into the United States.

“It is simply unreasonable to expect our border inspectors to be able to detect forgeries on documents that range from baptismal certificates from small towns in Texas to cards that purport to reflect citizenship privileges in a province somewhere in Canada,” Chertoff said.

Here’s a thought: instead of requiring AMERICAN CITIZENS to have national ID cards, stop accepting the 8,000 forms of ID that you are currently accepting and make non-citizens use passports – and passports only – to enter the country!

The Real ID act repealed a 9/11 Commission Act which would require states to examine security standards in issuing state ID’s. It instead requires states to start issuing Federal licenses no later than May 11, 2008 and further requires that all state ID and license holders visit their local DMV to obtain a new federal Real ID by 2013. Applicants must provide photo ID, birth certificate, Social Security Card, and proof of residence, while states must maintain and protect databases of personal information.

I can’t believe I’m going to agree with the ACLU, but here goes: the ACLU claims that the barcodes required to be in place on the Real ID’s will allow the government to track the movements of all Americans and the databases of personal information will be like a “one-stop shop” for identity thieves (has anyone noticed that it’s our Social Security numbers that are making us vulnerable to identity theft as it is? Great idea! Let’s make it even easier for them by further expanding the National ID system!)

Walsh, of the Heritage Foundation said, “any state that’s refusing to implement this key recommendation by the 9/11 Commission, and whose state driver’s licenses are as a result used in another terrorist attack, should be held responsible.” Oh, that’s great…let’s use fear (again!) to take away our liberties and make us even more enslaved to the Federal government.

The simple answer would be to close our borders, get rid of the illegal aliens that are already here, and tighten requirements for identification for those entering our country. Stop trying to further limit the citizenry and start making sure that the bad guys don’t enter the country in the first place! Why in the world is our government worrying more about those of us who are already here, peacefully obeying our tyrannical leaders, rather than stopping Mohamed Whoever before he enters the country?