No, I’m not talking about some union fiasco. I’m talking about my house. And lightning.

During the awful storm Monday night, lightning struck the roof of my house, doing roof damage (obviously) and frying all of our electronics. Just when I was really getting into blogging regularly again, I’m now computer-less! We’ve lost our tv, dvd player, sound system, computer, router, garage door opener, baby monitor, and the blasted surge protectors that were supposed to protect all those things. We do have insurance, but it’s (maybe worse than) an act of Congress to get anything done with them, so it may be a couple of months before everything is up and running again.

Our friend, Crash, has let us borrow a router, so at least I have access to my husband’s laptop for a bit in the evenings. I’ll try to continue staying on top of the issues, although it’s not going to be easy for a while. And if the insurance company isn’t honest…you can be sure I’ll blog about it!