Well, gee. This just makes me want to watch FoxNews all the time! Maybe just leave it on 24 hours per day and buy something from every advertiser who runs ads on the network…

Moveon.org, the Campaign for America’s Future, and liberal blogs such as DailyKos.com are asking supporters to monitor who is advertising on FoxNews. Once a database has been compiled, an organized phone call campaign will begin to dissuade businesses from advertising on the network. I’d like to get my hands on that database and call each and every business to let them know that I will purposely spend my money with businesses who advertise on FN.

The liberals say they are not trying to censor, rather that they are upset that FoxNews claims to be “fair and balanced,” yet consistently favor a conservative point of view. They are not boycotting Rush Limbaugh, for example, because he makes it known what his views are; FoxNews, according to the liberals, is claiming to be something it’s not. What I find funny is that the example used in the article I read (Fox News Story) is that Fox News has called global warming into question. So, because FoxNews dares bring up another point of view on your precious global warming bs, you think “they’re evil and must be stopped!!”?

I don’t see NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, or Headline News admitting their liberal bias, so why should FoxNews have to admit to a conservative bias (whether its there or not)? I think somebody’s just upset that there’s a news organization that’s not run by liberals and it’s actually doing well.