As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my site has a new look!

Due to the obscene amount of spam I’ve been receiving over the last several months, I decided to turn my webhosting over to WordPress. Although my blog was WordPress designed before, we did our own hosting. Unfortunately, the evil spammers were left unchecked and I found myself going through literally hundreds of spam comments every day, thus cutting down on my time to actually blog. So, by allowing WordPress to host my site I’m getting built-in spam blockers as well as a new look!

All my old posts are still here, and you’ll still, of course, get here by typing in; the only thing that’s changed is the layout.

I have also changed my tag-line (which doesn’t show up at the top of this page as it did on my old site) from “The Conservative Rantings of an Angry Philosopher” to “The Conservative Rantings of a Christian Philosopher.” Something about having a baby has made me significantly less angry. How can I stay angry when I have this adorable little baby face staring up at me all the time? baby face

So, although I still rant with the best of them, I’m not quite so angry.

Enjoy my new site!