In order for this new tax to pass, it must be passed by two-thirds of the commission on two separate readings. Monday, July 23 will be the first reading.

The debt-ridden, money grubbing members of the Washington County Commission are gouging us to pay for a new K-8 school, renovations to Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone High Schools, additions to the Washington County Detention center in Jonesborough, and a new justice center to be built beside the detention center.

We won’t even get into my feelings on public education and why I am livid at having to pay for the government indoctrination of other people’s children. I will concede that the detention center probably needs some work, and I don’t have any problem paying for that much, but even our local criminal court judges have stated that they do not feel that we need a new “justice center.” Judge Cupp has said that the Jonesborough courthouse is his favorite location in all the counties in which he serves, and a new justice center is unnecessary. And wasteful, if you ask me. But, then again, it’s always easier to spend other people’s money, isn’t it?

The commissioners voted 17-7 in favor of County Attorney John Rambo drawing up a wheel tax proposal on which to vote. Those who voted in favor are: Pat Wolfe, Greg Matherly, Pete Speropulos, Paul Woodby, C.B. Kinch, Frank Bolus, Mark Hicks, Jim Powell, Phil McPeak, Wendell Messimer, Kyle Shell, Gerald Sparks, Scott Buckingham, Mark Larkey, Janice White, Ben Bowman and Evert Jarrett . Those who voted against are: Sam Humphreys, Peggy Richardson, Sid Campbell, Bill Biles, Ron England, Richard Matherly and Mark Ferguson. I noticed my illustrious representatives all voted in favor (that would be Buckingham, White, and Larkey). Thanks a lot, guys. Not that I voted for any of you in the first place.

Buckingham said, “I don’t know about anyone else, but 90 percent of my people want a wheel tax over just a property tax.” Are you serious? That is just an outright lie. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Scott Buckingham since I’ve lived in his district (for well over a year now), so I’m not quite sure to whom he is speaking to get this hair-brained statistic. I don’t know a living soul who is in favor of any new tax, wheel or otherwise.

The argument over whether to enact a wheel tax or to raise the property tax is, unfortunately, taking center stage. What I would like to suggest is being more responsible with our money and trimming the budget. I do a very nice job of taking care of my family budget and, when we need new things or have unexpected expenses, I don’t have the luxury of ordering my husband to bring home more money. I trim our budget instead. Our government has gotten so bloated, spoiled, and project-hungry that they will throw whatever they darn well please into the budget each year and say to themselves, “oh, well. We’ll just raise taxes again.”

Well, I’m not going to stand for it. You can bet that my commissioners are going to get a phone call from me (after I calm down. I don’t think I would be very Christian if I had to speak to one of them right now.) I will also be at the meeting on Monday to make sure that my voice is heard. If a mother of a six-month-old can drag herself out of the house to fight government bloat, so can you. At the very least, pick up the phone and call your commissioner!

Commissioners and Phone Numbers by District:

District I
Greg Matherly 282-0503
Pete Speropulos III 283-0643
Paul F. Woodby 477-4604

District II
Sam Humphreys 282-5565
C.B. Kinch Jr. 928-3271
Peggy Richardson 928-4573

District III
Mark Hicks, Jr. 282-3075
Frank Bolus 854-9953
James T. Powell 928-1982

District IV
Phil McPeak 926-3632
Sid Campbell 926-1718
Wendell Messimer 928-4407

District V
William Biles 929-3666
Ron England 943-0944
Richard Matherly 753-0769

District VI
Kyle Shell 753-3277
Gerald Sparks 753-9500
Mark Ferguson 753-2816

District VII
Scott Buckingham 477-4211
Mark Larkey 477-3024
Janice White 753-6693

District VIII
Ben Bowman 257-6631
Evert Jarrett 257-5582

District IX
Daniel Edens 753-4641
Pat Wolfe 753-9025

If you are not sure in what district you live, you can go to It appears that the Commission will be meeting at 9am on Monday, but I will check and post a definite time and location as soon as I find out for sure.