July 2007

Well, gee. This just makes me want to watch FoxNews all the time! Maybe just leave it on 24 hours per day and buy something from every advertiser who runs ads on the network…

Moveon.org, the Campaign for America’s Future, and liberal blogs such as DailyKos.com are asking supporters to monitor who is advertising on FoxNews. Once a database has been compiled, an organized phone call campaign will begin to dissuade businesses from advertising on the network. I’d like to get my hands on that database and call each and every business to let them know that I will purposely spend my money with businesses who advertise on FN.

The liberals say they are not trying to censor, rather that they are upset that FoxNews claims to be “fair and balanced,” yet consistently favor a conservative point of view. They are not boycotting Rush Limbaugh, for example, because he makes it known what his views are; FoxNews, according to the liberals, is claiming to be something it’s not. What I find funny is that the example used in the article I read (Fox News Story) is that Fox News has called global warming into question. So, because FoxNews dares bring up another point of view on your precious global warming bs, you think “they’re evil and must be stopped!!”?

I don’t see NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, or Headline News admitting their liberal bias, so why should FoxNews have to admit to a conservative bias (whether its there or not)? I think somebody’s just upset that there’s a news organization that’s not run by liberals and it’s actually doing well.


I received this from the Constitution Party this morning:


Analysis of GOP Candidates Shows Only One Makes Grade For Those Asking WWJD?*

(*What Would Jefferson Do?)

Lancaster, PA (July 24, 2007) An article published by the Constitution Party this past week titled “Dr. No, the Three Musketeers and the Seven Dwarfs” has rank and file Republicans nodding in agreement at the assessment that only one candidate gets a passing grade for adherence to constitutionally-sound politics even among the so-called “conservative” candidates.

The widely circulated analysis scrutinizes the voting records of all 11 Republican presidential contenders. Physician turned Congressman Ron Paul,(R-TX) dubbed ‘Doctor No’ for consistently voting against un-constitutional programs, higher taxes and big-government spending, appears to be the only clear choice for those who’d advocate a return to constitutionally-based government.

The article says of Congressman Ron Paul: “He alone in the entire GOP lineup is the only one who voted against the war in Iraq. On every single issue he is a pure, unadulterated, founders-woulda-loved him conservative. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the ‘one exception to the Gang of 535’ on Capitol Hill. So many men, so few true Constitutionalists.”

The Three Musketeers, Tancredo, Hunter and Gilmore have solid positions on some issues but none make the ‘constitutionally-correct’ grade”, the article points out.

Giuliani, McCain and Romney- so far to the left constitutional conservatives couldn’t possibly consider voting for them- are included among The Seven Dwarfs, along with Huckabee, Brownback, Thompson and Gingrich.

Pollster John Zogby commented: “47% of Republicans are… very dissatisfied. Only 21% percent of Democrats feel this way. So it’s looking … like the Democrats are pleased with their candidates.”

Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer added: “And the Republicans are not. Is it any wonder? The politics of the so-called ‘front-runners’ Giuliani, McCain and Romney have so disheartened the GOP faithful that many are vowing to either sit out the election or go with a third party candidate.”

Be sure to check out my Ron Paul page to keep up with local events!

I got an email from my friend this morning filling me in on the happenings at the Commission meeting yesterday. I’m still so upset I wasn’t able to be there! Of course, my little one slep like a champ last night, so if the meeting would have been today, we would have been there with bells on. Oh, well. Like I said before, there’s no making plans with a six-month-old in your life!

The meeting began with a diatribe on the glories of a new justice center. The phrase my friend used was that she felt like she was “walking through honey.” Our commissioners did their darndest to convince everyone that the new justice center is not only a dire necessity, but will be a dream come true for our and future generations (cue dreamy music).

Now we will enter an episode of “The Simpsons.” Grant Rowland began speaking on the new/improved schools and how we must “do it for the children!” Oh, what about the children?! The new schools will improve education for the children! Did I mention the children? The money is for the children! How can you say no to the children?

Easy. “No”. N-O. There, I did it. Was that so hard?

But I digress. Scott Buckingham then reiterated Rowland’s point by saying that the “money is for the children!” Someone should tell Mr. Buckingham and Mr. Rowland that there are many, many children in this county who won’t benefit one iota from their blasted tax increase, as the numbers of children who are homeschooled or educated in private schools increases every year. So, maybe they should revise their statement as such: “The tax increase is for the poor, unfortunate children who are being subjected to government indoctrination.” But, again, I digress.

Buckingham then questioned Mr. Rowland as to why he wasn’t doing a better job of informing the public of why the tax increase/new tax is necessary. Because, of course, no one could oppose a tax increase for the children! Well, I’m afraid we do know the reason for the increase and we are still opposed. Cold-hearted, we are, eh?

Someone then asked about the possibility of new revenue coming from new growth. George Jaynes answered by speaking of the cost of new services, etc.

In the proposal, there was no exception for the wheel tax. In other words, all motorized vehicles would be taxed the same amount with no exceptions. There was no exception for county vehicles, no exception for small businesses, no exception for farmers. What about those on a fixed income? Or simply those of us living on a budget, who would have to take money from somewhere else to pay for, oh, whatever it is we’re actually paying for?

So, the wheel tax is dead, but it appears that, rather than cutting spending (a reasonable, and smarter, solution – you know, other than not getting into debt in the first place), we will be hit, and hit hard, with a property tax increase. Only cementing my and my husband’s decision to sell our house as soon as we can and move to a different county. Sadly, it’s going to be a few years before we are able to do that, but my prayer is that we’ll actually find a county that is not run by the “good ol’ boys” club or any group who will spend other people’s money with such wreckless abandon. Wish us luck.

This is a little late in coming, I know, but I had to wait until my little guy went to bed to have some computer time. Word is that the Washington County Commission voted three times on a wheel tax today ($50, $35, and $25) and all three FAILED!

You did it! Your pressure and prayers kept our commissioners from enacting a new tax! Great job!

I’ll do some searching tomorrow and find out who voted in favor, who voted against, and other important details

We now need to somehow make our commissioners understand that their only option is NOT simply increasing property taxes. They could, ahem, CUT SPENDING. I know it’s an absurd idea, but I’m often cutting spending due to needs in other areas of my budget. Why, exactly should it be any different when it comes to government budgets?

One step at a time, I suppose!

I was, unfortunately, unable to go to the Commission meeting this morning. As those of you with small children well know, making plans is a gamble, as your children may have something entirely different in mind (such as crying half the night. Just as an example…).

I sent word to a friend or two to let me know what happened and what we will do from here, and I will be sure to post the news as soon as I hear something. Until then, pray for our commissioners to see the error of their ways!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my site has a new look!

Due to the obscene amount of spam I’ve been receiving over the last several months, I decided to turn my webhosting over to WordPress. Although my blog was WordPress designed before, we did our own hosting. Unfortunately, the evil spammers were left unchecked and I found myself going through literally hundreds of spam comments every day, thus cutting down on my time to actually blog. So, by allowing WordPress to host my site I’m getting built-in spam blockers as well as a new look!

All my old posts are still here, and you’ll still, of course, get here by typing in http://www.jamaoliver.com; the only thing that’s changed is the layout.

I have also changed my tag-line (which doesn’t show up at the top of this page as it did on my old site) from “The Conservative Rantings of an Angry Philosopher” to “The Conservative Rantings of a Christian Philosopher.” Something about having a baby has made me significantly less angry. How can I stay angry when I have this adorable little baby face staring up at me all the time? baby face

So, although I still rant with the best of them, I’m not quite so angry.

Enjoy my new site!

I confirmed that the meeting to discuss the wheel tax is Monday at 9am at the Jonesborough Courthouse.

I’m hoping my little one will go to sleep in his carrier and let mommy do some tax fighting!

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