Not much has made me angry enough to blog lately, but this egregious abuse of the justice system, and the ridiculous hatred of alcohol by many in our country, has me mad enough to spit.

A mother and her ex-husband in Charlottesville, VA have been jailed – sentenced to an 8 year term, but serving a reduced sentence of 27 months – for serving alcohol at their son’s 16th birthday party. More than two years in jail for serving alcohol to teenagers?!? Oh, that’s it, I just spit….

First of all, drinking in moderation is entirely acceptable; I don’t particularly care how old you are. The reason that teenagers binge drink is because they have never been taught to drink in moderation. We are being faced with an “all or nothing” campaign by Madd and other anti-alcohol groups veiled by anti-drinking and driving positions. There is a huge difference between having a glass of wine at dinner and getting bombed and jumping behind the wheel of a car. How in the world are children to learn that difference if they are forbidden from tasting alcohol until their 21st birthday?

Granted, this mother served alcohol to other people’s children, which I find completely unacceptable, especially considering the fact that she misled parents as to what would be going on at the party. But drinking laws or no drinking laws, it is absolutely none of the government’s business if she wanted to give her son a beer in the privacy of their own home. Sure, she should be punished for giving other kids alcohol, but two years in jail is a deplorable sentence.

Those who want to curb drinking and driving should allow parents to teach their children about responsible consumption of alcohol in the privacy of their own homes, rather than letting these kids learn that lesson the hard way (as I did). My binge drinking days ended before I turned 21, which is the status quo for young people nowadays. It seems to me that those who are fighting so hard to keep teens from drinking are doing more harm than good. How many more teens are binge drinking now than 20 or 30 years ago?

Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney James L. Camblos III, who prosecuted the parents, is up for re-election. Curbing underage drinking is part of his campaign, yet he says this prosecution was not politically motivated. Right. And the moon is made of green cheese.