NASHVILLE – Representative Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) stood with House leaders today as they renewed their call for tax relief by handing out food tax rebates in the form of grocery gift cards in front of the Capitol. The first 100 people to bring their grocery receipt received a refund for the food tax up to a $100 grocery bill.

“Today reaffirmed what we’ve known along—people are tired of paying the highest food tax in the nation, and feel they deserve a break,” Rep. Hill said.

“In a year of such unprecedented growth, we should be talking about providing relief to all Tennesseans by giving them a break on the sales tax on food,” continued Hill. “It’s time we stopped talking tax increases, and began running government efficiently and effectively plan for the future.”

“As someone who is in the grocery store once a week, I see how hard it is for hardworking Tennessee families to make ends meet,” he added.

Hill noted that the House Republicans presented an alternative budget plan several weeks ago that funded all of the General Assembly’s priorities, without raising one cent in taxes and also provided significant, meaningful relief from the sales tax on food.

“It continues to amaze me that some of my colleagues will boldly say that this relief will not make a difference,” said Rep. Hill. “I’ve spoken to countless constituents who feel strongly that this will make a huge difference to their family. And that is exactly why I will continue to fight for this relief.”