When I sat down to write this, my intention was to lambaste Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander for not coming out against the “Guest Worker” Bill (aka, the Amnesty Bill) that will be in front of the US Senate on Monday. However, I just read that Corker has released a statement saying that he opposes the bill. He says:

“On Monday, Senators are being asked to start voting on a complex immigration reform bill that most members have not had a chance to read or review. There is no doubt we need to secure America’s borders and reform our broken immigration system, but this should not be done hastily by cramming through a largely unknown piece of legislation in a few days.

“After reading several summaries of this bill, I have serious concerns and for that reason I will vote ‘no’ on proceeding to the bill on Monday. I hope in the near future the Senate will return to immigration reform in a framework where Senators will be given the time necessary for serious debate on an issue of this magnitude.” (source, http://www.corker.senate.gov)

I’m pleased that Corker has come out against the bill, but Alexander has made no such statement. The excuse coming from some of the Republicans in the Senate (including Alexander) is that they have not yet had a chance to see the actual bill and, therefore, cannot make a judgment on it. Here’s a tip: if Ted Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, and Chuck Schumer are in favor of the bill, you should probably be opposed to it. It sounds simple, but oh-so-true. As people who are so fundamentally opposed to all for which I stand, I can safely say that 99.9% of the legislation for which the aforementioned folks are in favor, I will be opposed. And so should any self-respecting conservative.

So, Lamar, follow in Corker’s footsteps and oppose amnesty for illegals (which is what the Senate bill boils down to). Enforce the laws that we already have, and stop wasting time and effort on silly “guest worker” measures.